Birthday Logo/Finish the Fight Sword Usage

Here are some guidelines from the Communications department about using the Birthday logo and “Finish the Fight” sword on team Relay t-shirts. 

Contrary to the style guide, you can now use the “Finish the Fight” sword in tandem with our cause marketing logos (e.g. RFL, Making Strides) without the 100th Birthday logo. You will always want to give the cause-brand logo the top billing. For example, large Relay For Life logo on the front of the t-shirt and the “Finish the Fight” logo either on the back, or smaller and in a secondary position on the front. 

Even though Relay t-shirts can be worn for a long time the intention is for them to be worn at that year’s event. Since they would use the “Finish the Fight” logo instead of the 100th Birthday logo, it would still make sense even if worn for multiple years. The overriding rule is that the “Finish the Fight” logos must be used with either the cause brand logo or the 100th Birthday logo so it makes contextual sense. “Finish the Fight” cannot be used alone without any other ACS logo that contains the masterbrand. 

Questions and proofs should be directed to your local communications staff or a member of the communications department.

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